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About us



On February 20, 2022, the Hollis and New Hope United Methodist Churches voted unanimously on a merger that would bring us together as One Church.  For several years, the two Churches have partnered together in ministry, but have worshiped separately. This merger solidifies our partnership, so that we are together in ALL things!  We continue our desire to “Spread the message of God’s love to our community through WORDS and ACTION.

The New Hope Church was chartered more than 100 years ago, and we have a rich history.  But, we are not content to rest on our history.  We are the Church of TODAY - and we believe that the message of God's love is as important today as it has been in previous generations.  This is our time, and we are not afraid to find new ways to fulfill the commission "to make disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." (From The United Methodist mission statement).

In addition to ministry within the context of the Church, members are also involved as volunteers in various community organizations and charities.

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